Super L

Pipe on Pipe

Description – Super L Pipe on Pipe is a non-petroleum based biodegradable lubricant with a uniquely high affinity for coating metal surfaces giving it superior lubricity and film strength.


- Designed to reduce drag on all metal to metal surfaces

- Useful for coil tubing operations, running production tubing and wireline operations


- Superior lubricity

- Exceptional film strength

- High affinity for metal surfaces

- Environmentally friendly

Typical Properties

- Specific gravity – 1.04-1.06

- Appearance/odor – Dark brown vicious liquid / bland odor

- Pour point - 30° F

- Temperature Stability – Up to 16 hours at 300° F

- pH – 5.0-5.7

- See also MSDS

Super L Pipe on Pipe is recommended for use whenever friction caused by metal to metal contact is anticipated. Recommended uses include running 2-10 bbl pills or by addition of 2-5 percent by volume to the system. For coiled tubing operations, use 3 – 4 gallons per 10 bbls of water mixed “on the fly”. Always add to water, but never directly add water to Pipe on Pipe.

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