Solid Scale Inhibitor


ScaleSorb is a solid scale inhibitor with controlled-release additives that slowly desorb from the proppant pack to provide immediate and long-term protection against scale deposition.

ScaleSorb material comprises dry, solid particles onto which a specialty chemical has been absorbed. The product is nominally within the mesh size of 20/40 proppant. It is placed in the formation via a fracture, frac-pack, gravel-pack, or pre-packed screen system.

ScaleSorb is compatible for use with common stimulation fluids. Because the product is dry and inert, it can be easily cleaned up and will not contribute to chemical run off if spilled.

Applications: Oil and Gas well that exhibit scale deposition characteristics.

Benefits: Reduce downtime caused by scale buildup in the near well-bore. Improve protection because substrate is inert and remain an integral part of the proppant pack.

Specific Gravity at 60 ˚F: 2.3-2.6 g/cc

Bulk Density: 35 to 48 lbm/ft3

Appearance: Off-white to tan solid granules

Typical maximum temperature:

ScaleSorb 3 400 ˚F

ScaleSorb 4 220 ˚F

ScaleSorb 7 350 ˚F

ScaleSorb 8 500 ˚F


ScaleSorb is recommended to be used at 2% by weight of proppant. Longevity of treatment is based on the expected production rates and can be run at higher contraction but should be approved by the technical department.

ScaleSorb is packaged in 50 lbs bags