De-Foaming Agent (Silicone)

Defoamer S

DEFOAMER S effectively destroys even the most persistent foams, and being inert, Defoamer S lasts to prevent foam from coming back. DEFOAMER S is a water-based silicone emulsion which disperses easily and efficiently. DEFOAMER S can be stored at temperatures up to 130 F and several freeze-thaw cycles . DEFOAMER S is resistant to biodegradation Specific Gravity: 0.96-0.98 Density: 8.0- 8.2 Appearance/Odor: Opaque Liquid Solubility in Water: Dispersible pH (neat): 5.5-7.5 See MSDS DEFOAMER S is recommended at 0.5 - 2 gallons per thousand DEFOAMER S is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.