Paraffin/Asphaltene Package

PA-100 Series

PA-100 Series is used in the dispersion, penetration, and removal of paraffin/asphaltene deposits, and heavy hydrocarbon based sludge.

PA-100 Series also delivers versatility as a co-solvent, which makes it miscible in both H2O and oil, with excellent water wetting capabilities and emulsion breakers.

PA-100 Series enhances aromatic solvents, diesel, condensates, and crude oils by increasing their abilities to penetrate and solubilize heavy hydrocarbons during the removal process without the fear of re-deposition, or by having upset production facilities.

PA-100 Series can be combined with one or more aromatic solvents to give more of the look of a custom blended that can be adjusted to address the tighter more complex carbon chains. In the PA-100 Series, products have been designed to work in low bottom hole temperatures and sub-sea pipelines, where thermals are not adequate enough to aid most aromatics in a sufficient removal of paraffin/asphaltene build-up.

PA-100 Series can be used in 2% KCL Water or solvents as a pre-soak before stimulation treatments, such as acidizing and/or fracturing. This method is used to remove any light hydrocarbons, and to water wet the formation, thus preparing the formation face so that optimized performance can be expected from the acid and/or fracturing stimulation procedure.

Specific Gravity: 0.918

Appearance/Odor: Light Amber/Aromatic

Solubility: Oil/Water See MSDS

PA-100 Series is recommended in H2O at a loading of 3% to 15%, and at a loading of 5% to 25% in solvents, depending on the severity of damage. Samples should be obtained to determine that each individual well has the proper loading.