Paraffin/Asphaltene Inhibitor

PS-105 Series

PS-105 Series is formulated to be effective for major and minor paraffin problems. It should be squeezed into the formation before wax crystal form.

PS-105 Series is a crystal modifier that is formulated to improve flow in system transporting heavy fuel oils by lowering the pour point, thereby improving the flow characteristics.

PS-105 Series acts as a solvent on paraffin and a dispersant: therefore penetrating and holding paraffin in suspension indefinitely. No organic halides, arsenic or lead compounds are used in its manufacture and only trace amounts of these impurities may be found.

PS-105 Series this product have been designed to work in low bottom hole temperatures and sub-sea pipelines.

PS-105 Series attaches itself to extremely small particles of paraffin as the paraffin begins to precipitate out of the oil with decreasing temperatures. In this manner the small paraffin crystals do not grow into insoluble heavy deposits.

Specific Gravity: 0.896 @ 77 Degree F

Appearance: Solid

Flash Point Degree F: 160 Degree F

Solubility: Oil


PS-105 Series the treatment is dependent on the fuel/oil to be treated and the desired results. Samples should be obtained to determine that each individual well has the proper loading.

PS-105 Series is available in drum and totes.