Oxygen Scavenger


Description – OS-1000 is a 48 to 52% active catalyzed ammonium bisulfite solution that functions as a liquid oxygen scavenger for use in all types of water systems.


-Used in water for packer fluids, water based drilling fluids, water injection system surfactants, and water clarifiers -

-Formulated with scale and corrosion preventives for multi-purpose chemical additives

-For Oxygen removal in a system, use 8-9 ppm of OS-1000 to remove 1 ppm of oxygen


- Removes oxygen from treating water

- Minimizes corrosion rates

- Can be diluted or formulated for application purposes

Typical Properties

- Specific gravity – 1.26 – 1.30

- Appearance/odor – Clear Green Liquid/ Sulfite odor

- pH – 4.5-5.5 OS-1000 is recommended for use whenever corrosion is present.

OS-1000 is a liquid oxygen scavenger used to control corrosion in water based fluids and help with thermal extension.