Oil Herder


DP-10 is a nonionic surfactant package that is designed as a “Green Product” to strip insitu oil out of pore-throats and fractures by reducing surface tension as well as water wetting the formation face.

DP-10 can be placed in the injection water and is designed to enhance oil recovery by releasing and herding oil towards the oil producing wells without fear of damage or emulsions being created.

DP-10 has the capability of stripping any light hydrocarbon deposits that may coat the formation face as well as other particulates such as migrating fines and/or iron sulfide thus releasing them into the flow of the produced fluids.

DP-10 delivers superior water wetting characteristics in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. The result is a more efficient stimulation, with residual wetting, that enhances the performance and life of an oil or gas well and its longevity.

DP-10 is excellent in the penetration and breaking of existing emulsions created by previous stimulations.

Specific Gravity: 1.01

Appearance/Odor: Light Amber to Clear/Sweet

Solubility: Water

pH: 8.5 to 10.0


DP-10 has recommended volumes that are based on the severity of the damage and desired penetration in and into the formation. It is also suggested that samples be taken when possible as to ensure the most optimum performance and cost effectiveness.