KCL Substitute


KCL-S is a water-soluble, oil insoluble Potassium Chloride substitute. This liquid product is specifically formulated to replace KCL Substitutes and amines.

KCL-S is a high activity cationic designed to prevent or inhibit the hydration and swelling of clays. It is completely soluble in fresh water and brine water. KCL-S Properties:

Specific Gravity: (25 C) .96-.97
Density: (lbs/gal) 8.00 to 8.10
Appearance/Odor: Light Yellow to Brown
Active: (%) 20
Freeze Point: (F/C) -20/-29


KCL-S is recommended at a loading of 1 to 5 gpt in fracturing fluids and acidizing fluids. It is suggested to use 2 gallon of KCL-S per thousand gallons of fluid to equal 2% KCL, (Potassium Chloride).

KCL-S is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 and 330 gallon totes. Conroe,