Iron Sulfide Removal System

ISR-1100 Stim-Series

ISR-1100 Series is an anionic surfactant package that is low in pH and is designed to break iron sulfide down into small particulates, making for easier removal when acidizing or flowing back.

ISR-1100 Series has the capability of stripping any light hydrocarbon deposits that may coat the iron sulfide scale or formation face.

ISR-1100 Series delivers superior water wetting characteristics in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. The result is a more efficient stimulation, with residual wetting, that enhances the performance and life of an oil or gas well and its longevity.

ISR-1100 Series is excellent in the penetration and breaking of existing sludge created by iron reducing bacteria, thus causing H2S to form in tanks and/or vessels.

ISR-1100 mixed with a biocide will break down iron sulfide and bacteria and eliminate H2S.

ISR-1100 Series is an excellent carrier of fines and other insolubles, making it one of the best materials for the clean-up of completion fluid and drilling fluid damage.

Specific Gravity: 1.12
Appearance/Odor: Amber/Vinegar
Solubility: Water
pH: 1.0 to 1.5


ISR-1100 Series is recommended at a loading of 25 to 75 gallons per foot of desired treatment area. Volumes may change based on the severity of the damage and desired penetration in and into the formation. It is also suggested that samples be taken when possible as to ensure the most optimum performance and cost effectiveness.