Iron Reducing Agent


IRA-100 is an iron reducing agent used in acidizing or low pH fluids to control solubilized iron in the presence of asphaltenes, thus reducing the risk of iron/asphaltene induced sludge.

IRA-100 is compatible with most additives and surfactant packages used in acidizing. It is most effective in HCl Acid solutions from 2% to 24% and is very stable at high temperatures of 350 degrees plus without any physical degradation to the chemical properties.

IRA-100 is one of the more cost effective iron controlling products used in the industry.

Specific Gravity: 1.17
Appearance: Clear to pale yellow
Odor: Hydrochloric Odor


IRA-100 has a recommended loading schedule of 1 GPT for every 100 ppm of iron.

IRA-100 is based on crude oil type and the anticipated amount of ferric iron that may be encountered during the acidizing treatment. It is recommended to test the acid and oil in combination with the iron to determine the proper loading schedule.