Hydrogen Sulfide Remover


HSR – 2000 has no flash point and has a freeze point in excess of -45C. It can be used to eliminate or reduce H2S in liquids, gases, tank atmospheres and can be used in high capacity, modern vacuum trucks.

HSR – 2000 is fast acting, soluble in water and has virtually no odor. Testing to date shows no debilitating precipitates are forming.

HSR – 2000 has the unique ability to become extremely particularized and disperse through oils neutralizing the H2S and then reconstitutes itself, settling and forming a layer with the water below the oil because of its water soluble qualities.

HSR – 2000 can be used down hole, in flow lines, tank & vessel decontamination, etc., under extremely diverse cold or hot conditions. It contains no formaldehyde and is a safe and user friendly product.

HSR-2000 is a multifaceted product that will allow licensees to service many diverse aspects of the oil and gas market place, including much more than just the H2S market areas. It is cost effective and will be competitively priced.

Specific Gravity: 1.0-1.05
pH: 11.5-12.5
Appearance: Clear, Colorless
Odor: Slight Ammonia Odor


MANY of the effective competitor H2S reducing products available today contain formaldehydes, which are known to be carcinogenic. The odors are so extreme that any clothing, gloves or footwear that comes in contact with these produces has to be burnt or disposed of. If these products get on your skin, the odor is so bad that you will certainly not be allowed in public places. The odor becomes more extenuated the warmer the conditions. These products are generally only used where there is no exposure to the atmosphere or where workers can be exposed to their harmful effects. Recommended treatment: 1 GPT of product will treat 2000 ppm H2S.