Gel-Sweep HB (High Brine)



Gel Sweep is primarily used to provide viscosity in namely in high TDS brines containing significant levels of divalent ions (Ca2+, Mg2+, ect.) in addition to high levels of chlorides.

Gel Sweep is effective as a sweep when used in conjunction with coiled tubing to circulate fluids to pick up and remove solids and debris from the wellbore area.

Gel Sweep does not settle or experience oil separation. This allows for efficient quick mixes and sweeps without the need for elaborate and expensive mixing equipment. Also, more accurate metering of active products results in improved fluid performance down hole.

- Extremely stable suspension
- Highly effective viscosifier
- Works well in light to saturated brines
- Increases carrying capacity of fluid
- Easy to handle and mixes well in low shear rate environments
- No "fisheyes"
- Compatible with anionic and nonionic additives.

Pour Point: Specific Gravity: 1.05-1.08
Density: 8.75-8.9 lbs/gal
Color: Off White Opaque Liquid


Low-shear mixing equipment is sufficient to provide thorough dispersion and homogeneous mixtures. For a typical treatment to obtain sufficient sweep viscosity it would be recommended to use 5 to 10 gallons per 10 to 15 bbl. pill. The amount of application will vary according to the job requirement.


5 gallon pails (32 per pallet), IBC (totes) 275 Gal.