Friction Reducer Additive


GENERAL INFORMATION: FR300 is a high molecular weight copolymer. This product is designed to enhance the water displacement in oil wells by considerably reducing the friction pressure experienced at very high flow rates. PRINCIPLE USES FR300 is useful in various industrial applications such as industrial water and waste water clarification, lubricant in drilling mud and thickening and as a friction reducer additive.PROPERTIES Appearance: Opaque, off white emulsion Specific Gravity: 1.05-1.08 Viscosity: 400-1200 cps Ionic Charge: Anionic Freezing Point: FEEDING AND DOSAGE Recommended use levels are 0.5-1.0gal/1000gal in water. This product should not be used neat. Use positive displacement pumps (gear or progressive cavity). STORAGE FR300 should be stored between 40-90oF and protected from freezing. If freezing occurs the product should be warmed to 40-90oF and mixed well before use. PACKAGING FR300 is available in 264 gallons totes, 330 gallon totes or 5 gallon pails. See MSDS