Emulsified Acid System


EAS-10 SYSTEM is a surfactant-based system that is used to viscosify acid and xylene mixtures. This system supplies aromatic solvency as well as an anti-sludge acid treatment in one step when pre-soaks are not applicable. EAS-10 System is capable of carrying from 8% to 30% xylene by volume of acid and creating from 40 cps to 105 cps without the damaging effects of gelling agents. This can be used as a diverter that cleans-up without leaving behind unwanted and damaging residues. EAS-10 System also delivers versatility as a two-phase fluid that offers solvency as well as acid to same points of interest in the reservoir without initial separation, thus stripping hydrocarbons out of the way for the acid treatment. EAS-10 System enhances production by penetrating and removing hydrocarbon based sludge’s and damage created from previous acid and hot oil treatments. Specific Gravity: 1.06 Appearance/Odor: Light Amber to White/Aromatic Solubility: Oil/Water Boiling Point: 210 degrees F pH: 6.5 to 7.0 See MSDS EAS-10 System is recommended at a loading of 15 gpt to 30 gpt, and at a loading of 8% to 30% solvent by volume, depending on the severity of damage. Samples should be obtained to determine that each individual well has the proper loading.