CQ Bio 324-Biocide


– CQ Bio-234 Biocide is a broad spectrum biocide that provides long term efficacy for use in all oilfield applications potentially saving millions in operational costs and extending the life of a well.

Deleterious Microbial Processes:

- Biogenic production of hydrogen sulfide gas

- Microbially induced corrosion

- Loss of formational permeability/plugging of tubulars

- Degradation of drilling/finishing fluids

Application Areas:

- Drilling Fluids/Water Treatment

- Workover and Completion Fluid

- Stimulation & Cementing

- Pipeline and Tank Maintenance


- Broad spectrum biocide

- Long term efficacy (greater than 6 months)

- No known interferences with drilling fluid or downhole additives

- Reduces surface tension allowing greater reach into the wellbore

- EPA and North Sea safety and environmentally approved

Typical Properties

Specific gravity – 1.16

Appearance/odor – Pale yellow liquid / Pungent odor

Viscosity – 7.2 cps @ 25°C

pH Stability – up to 13.6

See also MSDS

CQ Bio-324 Biocide is recommended for use in all oilfield applications wherever microbial growth is anticipated. Recommended dosage 100- 1000ppm.