Anti-Sludge Additives


AS-2200 is a complete anionic acid package that prevents the formation of iron/hydrocarbon induced sludge that was created during acidizing, as well as stripping any light hydrocarbon deposits.

AS-2200 delivers superior break times of 30– 60 seconds upon acid/oil contact, this eliminates the chance of pore-throats being plugged by emulsions and sludge.

AS-2200 delivers superior water wetting characteristics in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. The result is a more efficient stimulation, with residual wetting, that enhances the performance and life of an oil or gas well and its longevity

AS-2200 is excellent in the penetration and breaking of existing sludge created by previous stimulations.

AS-2200 provides excellent carrying capacity of fines and other acid insolubles with its ability to foam hydrocarbons.

Specific Gravity: 1.06

Appearance/Odor: Amber/Alcohol to Sweet Aroma

Flash Point: 118

pH: 2.5- 3.0


AS-2200 is recommended at a loading of 10 to 40 gpt, based on the severity of the damage and desired acid strength. It is also suggested that samples be taken when possible as to ensure the most optimum performance and cost effectiveness.