Acid Corrosion Inhibitor


CI-310 is an acid inhibitor for use in hydrochloric acid solutions. It is highly dispersible in the most common concentrations of hydrochloric acid blends. It was developed for acidizing oil and gas wells.

Specific Gravity: .87 (15.6°C)

Appearance/Odor: Dark Amber Liquid/Pungent

Solubility: Acid Dispersible

Charge: Cationic

pH: 4.0-5.0

15% HCL

N-80 Steel

Note: Please contact MGM Northstar for recommendations on coil tubing jobs. The recommendations above are only recommendations from lab testing. Please contact MGM Northstar for best concentrations and amounts.

CI-310 is recommended at a volume of 1 to 20 GPT depending on the acid strength, temperature, contact time and type of steel. Chemical compatibility with other additives should be also considered.