Our Products

MGM Northstar carries a unique product line of specialty stimulation chemicals designed to meet the various individual needs of oilfield services companies. We specialize in the following categories: Fracturing, Acidizing, Stimulation, Coil Tubing and Specialty Products.

Once the specific needs of our clients are determined, we then put together a stimulation package tailored specifically to each well project. This custom approach includes scale removal, drilling damage removal, clay damage, and innovative frac fluids.

We will work closely with the client’s engineering staff to insure the proper chemicals are used for maximum well enhancement.

Provide us a sample and let us custom tune a solution for you today!

Acid Corrosion InhibitorCI-310download
Acid Corrosion InhibitorCI-360download
Brine Corrosion InhibitorCI-450download
Acid Gelling AgentAG-401download
Anti-Sludge AdditivesAS-2200download
Barium Sulfate RemoverBSR-3113download
BiocideCQ Bio 324-Biocidedownload
Calcium Sulfate DissolverCSD-2112download
Citric AcidCitric 
Clay Stabilizing AgentCSA-2250download
De-Foaming AgentDefoamer Adownload
De-Foaming Agent (Silicone) Defoamer Sdownload
Drilling Clay StabilizerDCS-500download
Emulsified Acid SystemEAS-Systemdownload
Foaming AgentAF-25download
Foaming AgentAF-100download
Formation Damage RemovalFDR-1100download
Formation / Wellbore CleanerFWC-1100download
Frac Fluid Recovery AidFFR-100download
Friction Reducer AdditiveFR-300download
Friction Reducer AdditiveFR-400download
Friction Reducer AdditiveFR-450download
Gel-Sweep HB (High Brine)GEL-SWEEP HBdownload
Hydrogen Sulfide RemoverHSR-2000download
Iron Reducing AgentIRA-50download
Iron Reducing AgentIRA-100download
Iron Sulfide Removal SystemISR-1100 Stim-Seriesdownload
KCL SubstituteKCL-Sdownload
Liquid Iron Control AidAS-2500download
Non-Emulsifying AgentNEA-Seriesdownload
NTA Chelating AgentNTA-40download
Oil HerderDP-10download
Oxygen ScavengerOS-1000download
Paraffin/Asphaltene InhibitorPS-105 Seriesdownload
Paraffin/Asphaltene PackagePA-100 Seriesdownload
Paraffin/Asphaltene SystemPA-721download
Salt Deposition RemovalSDR-2100download
Scale InhibitorSI-250download
Solid Paraffin InhibitorParaSorbdownload
Solid Scale InhibitorScaleSorbdownload
Super L Pipe on Pipedownload
Surface Tension Reducer / Flowback AidMS-200download