Case History: BSR-3113-Barium Sulfate Scale Remover(2)

Date: April 17, 2013

Customer:      Major Independent with subject well located in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana.

Pertinent Well Data:

                Formation:          Mid Gyp Sandstone            Perfs:     17,106’-17,166’

                Tubing:  3 1/2”    Casing: 7 5/8”

Other Data:          Bottom Hole Temperature 330˚F


Rigged up to pull cap string, the cap string was stuck.  The customer called for 1500 gallons of 10% NeFe acid, to free cap string.  The attempt was unsuccessful.  Scale was collected from a down hole source and it was determined to be barium sulfate scale.

Production Estimates Prior to Last Work-over:

Gas:  _ MCFD                        Oil:  _ BOPD              Water:  _ BWPD

Production Estimates After Work-over: not given

Gas:  _ MCFD                        Oil:  _ BOPD              Water:  _ BWPD

Recommendations & Procedure: [testing recommended prior to all jobs]

MGM Northstar was awarded the opportunity to evaluate the well situation and provide the proper stimulation system for clean-up.  MGM Northstar recommended using BSR-3113 a barium sulfate scale remover, providing three different mechanisms of BaSO4 removal.  BSR-3113 dissolves BaSO4 at a 0.25 lb/gallon removal rate.     BSR-3113 is also an excellent product for complete CaSO4 removal, the lattice that cements barium sulfate in place. BSR-3113 is safe to use on wells that have Resin Coated Sand present

MGM Northstar provided and pumped the following system as outlined below:

  1. Rig-Up pump truck to tubing.
  2. Pump 275 gallons BSR-3113.
  3. Flush with nitrogen to bottom of cap string.
  4. Shut in for 24 hours.

*Shut-in times of 24 hours or longer is recommended.


The next morning pulled cap string without any drag or pull.  The cap string was pulled completely without any problems.  The string was clean of scale when it surfaced.  The 330 ˚F bottom hole temp assisted in the success of the treatment.


The BSR-3113, a proprietary blend of various acids and surfactants, providing three different mechanisms for BaSO4 cleaned up the cap string allowing for removal.