Case History: BSR-3113-Barium Sulfate Scale Remover(1)

Date: April 17, 2013

Customer:      Major Independent with subject well located in the Gulf of Mexico

Pertinent Well Data:

                Formation:          J-1 & J-2 Sands: J-3 & J-4 Sands      Perfs:     14,196’-14,276’; 14,320’-14,341’

                Tubing:                 3 1/2”     12.7#      Casing: 7 5/8”  45.3#

Other Data:          Bottom Hole Temperature 230˚F


Scale was collected from a downhome source and it was determined to be barium sulfate scale. Oil/water samples were collected, screened and analyzed. FeS was in high concentrations and carbonate scaling tendencies were high.

Production Estimates Prior to Last Work-over:

Gas:    598 MCFD                  Oil:   300 BOPD                     Water:  350 BWPD

Production Estimates After Work-over: not given

Gas:  2500 MCFD                  Oil:  1200 BOPD                    Water:  450 BWPD

Recommendations & Procedure: [testing recommended prior to all jobs]

MGM Northstar was awarded the opportunity to evaluate the well situation and provide the proper stimulation system for clean-up.  MGM Northstar recommended using BSR-3113 a barium sulfate scale remover, providing three different mechanisms of BaSO4 removal.  BSR-3113 dissolves BaSO4 at a 0.25 lb/gallon removal rate.     BSR-3113 is also an excellent product for complete CaSO4 removal, the lattice that cements barium sulfate in place. BSR-3113 is safe to use on wells that have Resin Coated Sand present. A sonic tool was used in the procedure.

MGM Northstar provided and pumped the following system as outlined below:

  1. Rig-Up pump truck to tubing.
  2. Pump 460 gallons BSR-3113.
  3. Flush with treated 2%KCL to top perf.
  4. Shut in for 24 hours.

*Shut-in times of 24 hours or longer is recommended.

  1. Swab back load plus 25 bbls.
  2. Pump 2,550 gallons 15% HCL Specialty Acid System
  3. Flush with treated 2% KCL to bottom perf plus 15 bbls
  4. Soak 1 hour.
  5. Swab back load plus 20 bbls
  6. Pump 275 gallons Scale Inhibitor in 75 bbl squeeze pill.
  7. Shut-in 24 hours
  8. RTP


The return waters were clean of scale when screened. After a 4 month test, the well had sustained results credited to the clean-up and squeeze. The 230 ˚F bottom hole temp assisted in the success of the treatment.