Case History: (Anti-Sludge Acid System)

Date: April 16, 2013

Customer: Major Independent with subject well located in Washington County Texas

Pertinent Well Data: Well Name

Formation: Austin Chalk (Carbonate)

Perfs: Open Hole Laterals

Tubing: 2-3/8” Casing: 7”

Other Data: Bottom Hole Temperature ___˚F

Problem: The well had lost production due to plugs that were formed by iron sulfide and carbonate fines restricting gas production in each of the laterals. MGM Northstar recommended using AS-2200 is a complete anionic acid package that prevents the formation of iron/hydrocarbon induced sludge that was created during acidizing, as well as stripping any light hydrocarbon deposits. EAS-15 System surfactant-based system that is used to viscosify acid and xylene mixtures. This system supplies aromatic solvency as well as an anti-sludge acid treatment in one step when pre-soaks are not applicable.

Production Estimates Prior to Last Work-over:

Gas: 300 MCFD

Oil: 6 BOPD

Water: 0 BWPD

Production Estimates After Work-over:

Gas: 1000 MCFD

Oil: 25 BOPD

Water: 0 BWPD

Recommendations & Procedure:

[testing recommended prior to all jobs]

MGM Northstar provided and pumped the following system as outlined below:

1. Treated down the annulus

2. Flushed with 5 bbls of KCL to clear the lines

*Shut-in times of 12 hour.


The well started to make gas and oil.


AS-2200 is excellent in the penetration and breaking of existing sludge created by previous stimulations.

EAS-15 System also delivers versatility as a two-phase fluid that offers solvency as well as acid to same points of interest in the reservoir without initial separation, thus stripping hydrocarbons out of the way for the acid treatment.